Many viewers of the material on this site question the methods and programs used to accomplish the pictures.  It is highly taken for granted just how much work went into each photo, but this is expected because the more real it looks, the less the work should be suspected.   For the first time some before and after pictures will be shown to demonstrate just what changes were made.

Programs Used:  Paint Shop Pro 5.0
                           Microsoft Photo Editor
                           IBM PerfectPhoto Image Editor

Early Images:  These include my first attempts to try and alter a photo and learn to use the software.  At this time only Paint and Microsoft Photo Editor were available to me.

More Advanced:  After getting the hang of the general technique I began experimenting with more advanced photo editing, and also acquired some new programs, such as Paint Shop Pro and PerfectPhoto.

Most Complex:  These photos are the ones with advanced techniques, such as using layers, model scale components, colors, effects, etc.  A combination of the programs listed above were used.

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