Personal Information

Cathleen was born on September 19 in Orlando, FL, where she still resides today. She attended The University of Central Florida graduating Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Psychology. Photography became a hobby with Cathleen when she learned to use a digital camera. This hobby quickly became an obsession as she began experimenting with the digital editing of her photographs, such as placing herself in various movies and with fictional characters. Skills increased naturally, and Cathleen has never had any formal instruction in photography or computer editing (or singing, which is pretty obvious to professionals.) Seeing as how she had no other models, Cathleen began using the timer on her camera and posing herself. She has since gained experience and recruited a few others to pose for her. As well as photography and digital editing, Cathleen is also interested in drawing, singing, writing, and web page design. Acting is another passion Cathleen enjoys, yet rarely has the opportunity in which to engage. The ability can be seen mostly now in the various 'characters' she portrays throughout her photographs. In May of 2002 Cathleen was hired as a 'Skipper' at the Jaws attraction at Universal Studios Orlando. She has since moved on to the more technical side of entertaining, working on many shows, and now primarily at Terminator 2:3D. In high school she was a proud member of thespian troupe 4937.

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